Seed Oil Power Plant (by Tryhardion)

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By: Tryhardion
August 13, 2021
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Hello engineers,
I am Tryhardion and I have created a power plant running on burning seed oil. Now for this to work, you gonna need another mod called create additions. The power plants works automatically. Using wheat farm, it generates seeds, which are distributed to mechanical press which creates the seed oil. The wheat is deliveres to the crusher, which creates flour and additional seeds. Flour is stored in chests and seeds are delivered back to the press. The seed oil is then delivered to crude burners by pipes and that generates kinetic energy with furnace engines and flywheels. Then the kinetic energy is converted to electric energy by alternators. Then from alternators the eletric energy (fe) is ran by wires on connetors to the accumulators. Accumulators serve as batteries. From there, you can use the wires to transport the fe to wherever you want and by motors, you can convert it back to kinetic energy. Now the furnace engines wont run all the time, it depends how many wheat is harvested at a time, but it doesnt really matter as there will almost all the time be at least 1 furnace engine running and will generate fe and charge the batteries, which can store alot of energy and will be full in small time. Sometimes there is bigger harvest and all flywheels can be running at the same time. To achieve it, just create another floor of wheat farm. To turn the machine on, just turn on the mechanical bearings at the 2 wheat farms, fix the field with hoe and plant missing seeds and you are good to go, alot of energy is on the way! Also, the schematics do not copy the set wires, so you will have to set them yourselves. I took some images how I set the wires, but it depends on you, the main goal is to lead the fe to the accumulators. It probably is not easy to build (I will do it anyways in survival, with schematicannon) and it is probably pointless to have this much energy but I think its cool regardless. You can also make use of all the flour created, there will be loads of it.
Have fun!
- Tryhardion

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