Train track assembly for Create 0.5 (MC 1.18.2)

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By: Tryhardion
July 12, 2022
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So I have decided to build a train track assembly now that Create mod has trains in version 0.5. I will describe how the machine works so if you want to design it yourself, you can create your own design. Then I will tell you some of its flaws which you can go forth and improve.

So how this works is that I have two cobble generators. One is slow and the cobble is going to get burned into stone, than it is going to cut into stone slabs, than into the brass tunnels. Second cobble generator runs at fast speed and is providing cobble into the millstones to make it into gravel, than it goes on lower layer where gravel gets washed. Flint goes away wherever you want and iron nuggets get put into deployers underneath. Than final part is the sequenced assembly, where deployers put 2 iron ingots onto stone slab and it then gets pressed with the mechanical press. Now we have train track.

The speed is acceptable (to me). I think it is going to make a stack of tracks per 10-15 minutes but I am not too sure. To speed things up, you would have to produce iron nuggets faster which by making the iron generator on top of it bigger, or to have efficient iron farm and then to supply this farm with iron.

So if you want to, go ahead and enjoy!

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2 comments on “Train track assembly for Create 0.5 (MC 1.18.2)”

  1. Hi, I am having an issue with this schematic where once the first cobble is broken to be burned, instead of another cobble being made, the lava just all flows put. I'm not sure how the lava is supposed to become cobble again there without water next to it. Thanks.